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I was planning my 30th party and I was so glad that I found this app. It's super useful and it helps you upload the sizes of items and the size of the room so that you can make sure that you have enough space for everything. This made it easy for me to choose the right items to rent for the hall and the placement of the seating arrangement. Super helpful!

Pleasant surprise

Julie styles

I wasn't aware that an app like this existed. It's very helpful for planning large and medium sized events. Helps me keep track of everything. I wonderful tool. It helped me plan my friends launch party which I was kinda stressed out about... But it helped to have this app.

Great app for restaurants


If you want to organize an event, this app is just perfect. You can create a detailed seat map and print it so your guests will know where to sit

Worked for my dad's party

Kristin CG

I had a large 60th birthday party for my dad and decided to try the app to organize everything. I was very pleased with it. I was able to lay out the arrangements and seating and keep track of my guests. I would use it again.