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Lead Qualification Tool

Say Goodbye to RFP Spam, qualify your leads effortlessly

Willingness to Pay

Get an estimation of each individual lead's willingness to pay, helping you understand how to close the deal better.

Group Segmentation

Understand whether your lead is a SMERF, Corporation, Association, or Government easily.

Stakeholder Assessment

Know whether the lead you are talking to is a decision maker and how likely you are going to be to close a deal with them.

Quality Score

We help you understand if this is a quality lead or simply RFP spam.

Word Cloud

We let you know all the major things that the lead is interested in so you can show them that they matter. Did you know that 65% of people choose a service over another because of indifference?

And More

We help you understand your lead's history, company size, links to recent articles about them, and many other metrics.

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